We’re Amazon Prep experts, focus on your operations while we get your inventory in ready-to-sell condition.

Item Labeling, Bundling/Kitting, Counting & Inspecting - We Do It All.

Send your inventory to our Prep Center in the United States. We have a dedicated prep & fulfillment team at FoxCom that loves what they do. We work on custom inventory projects from start to finish whether that may be item labeling, counting & inspecting, bundling/kitting, and more – FBA Prep is the bread & butter of our business.

Amazon / FBA Prep Services:

Quality Control

Item Labeling


Fragile Item

Loose Products

Sold as a Set

Poly Bagged Units

Case-Packed Products

Adult Products Preparation

Expiration Dates

Photo Documentation

FBA Returns


See answers to some common questions we typically get askedA

Yes, definitely – We have many smaller-sized clients that utilize our carton forwarding service to drip feed inventory into FBA facilities.

Certainly, we can perform any work request according to your requirements including: item labeling, bundling/kitting, and more!

We will provide access to our software which we use to manage FBA requests. You’ll be able to send inventory to us, submit work requests, track inventory & communicate with the FoxCom team.

Yes, you can track your inventory on-demand.

80% of requests are completed within 24 hours. 99% of requests are completed within 48 hours.

You can provide us with user permissions to arrange the pickup/delivery of your goods to the FBA facilities.

We charge $35 USD for a 40x48x55” Pallet. We also have shelf/bin storage options. Complete pricing for storage can be found here.

Yes, we have direct integrations with Amazon to support FBM fulfillment.

Yes, we are ready to onboard new customers into our facility.

You can get started today & begin sending inventory as soon as tomorrow!

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We're Closing Down... ;(

Unfortunately, FoxCom is closing it’s doors and will cease providing 3PL services on October 31st.

We are no longer on-boarding new clients or receiving ANY new inventory at our warehouse.


Thank You!