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What Are 3rd-Party Logistics?

Our 3PL Services

Scale your online business to new heights with the help of FoxCom’s 3PL services!
Focused & Built around eCommerce storage & order fulfillment – we know what YOU need to thrive.

Inventory Storage

$25/mo per pallet

eCommerce Fulfillment

$2+ per order

FBA Prep

$0.15+ per item

Nationwide Order Fulfillment

100% Coverage of the USA Marketplace

Shipping to 50 States

24/7 Support

Same-Day Pick & Pack

Guaranteed Execution

All-in-one scalable solutions

FoxCom is packed with features and a dedicated team that is proven to help you grow your eCommerce business.

Dedicated Warehouse in NJ

Free Marketplace Integrations

24/7 Customer Support

Freight Management

Return Management

Custom Projects

Don't let manual fulfillment eat more time
than growing your business.

When growing a business, its important to prioritize your time on the tasks that will have the greatest impact. It’s safe to say that packing & labeling boxes for order fulfillment is probably NOT the most impactful use of your time. We strive to take the headache of logistics & fulfillment out of the equation so that you can focus more on new ideas & execution!

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